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National Coin Wholesalers is a nationally recognized, privately owned, buyer and seller of Silver, Gold, and Rare Coins. We assist both collectors and investors with their buying, selling and trading needs.

Our years of experience, honest advice, superb customer service, and large inventory are why our clients enjoy working with us, and why a large part of our business comes from client referrals. We work closely with our clients on a one on one basis to help them achieve their collecting or investing objectives.

boxIn good times and bad, Silver, Gold, and Rare Coins have proven to be superb performing financial assets and are a safe and private way to protect and grow your wealth. They beat inflation, defeat deflation, and protect savings from political and economic uncertainties. Today especially, Silver, Gold, and Rare Coins appeal to a growing number of collectors and investors.

The coins listed on our website are just the tip of the iceberg. We buy and sell all types of Silver, Gold and Numismatic coins on a daily basis. We have long standing industry connections to search out even the scarcest of items. We attend every major coin show and we participate in auctions on a weekly basis.

We work with all types of clients from new investors to seasoned collectors. We enjoy spending time with our clients and we provide them with the necessary information that allows them to make informed decisions. With regard to our investor clients, we make portfolio recommendations based on a combination of Silver and Gold type coins that we feel have the greatest growth potential while reducing risk.

We help our collector clients obtain their “want list” coins. We have a very high level of success in finding specific “want list” coins and we can help you as well. If there are specific coins you’re looking for and they’re not listed on our website, we can help! Let us know exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll get to work for you right away. You can chat, call, or simply fill out the “want list” form on our web site and we’ll get to work for you right away.


We’re also very strong buyers for all types of Numismatic coins as well as Silver and Gold coins. We’re always looking to buy material and we pay top dollar! Do not sell your coins before talking with us first. If you do have an interest in selling your coins, please allow us to make you a generous offer.

Along the tabs menu above you will find, “Conditions”, “Shipwrecks” and “Mints”. Two of these tabs are filled with historic information and all three were designed to provide our clients with information often requested.

We would love to have an opportunity to talk with you, answer your questions and help you safely and privately protect and grow your wealth with Silver, Gold and Rare Coins.  Please call me directly and it will be my pleasure to speak with you.

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