Silver Bullion

American Silver Eagle


The Silver American Eagle coin was authorized by Congress in 1985, and first minted in 1986 as the official Silver bullion coin of the United States. Often considered one of the most beautiful coins ever minted, the Silver Eagle’s design is based on A.A. Weinman’s “Walking Liberty,” introduced on the 1917 silver half-dollar.

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Canadian Silver Maple Leaf


The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coin is the official Silver bullion coin of Canada. It has been issued annually by the the Royal Canadian Mint since 1988. The face value of the 1 oz coin is 5 Canadian dollars, the highest among international silver bullion coins. The purity of the coin is .9999 silver, also the highest among other bullion issues which have a .999 standard.

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American 90% Silver Coins


Prior to 1965 U.S. quarters, dimes, and half-dollars contained 90% silver. That all changed in 1965, when an Act of Congress ordered the US Mint to remove silver from these type coins. 90% Silver coins are sold in bags of $100 an $1,000 face-value bags. Buy 90% Silver American coins by calling us now at (800) 839-1586.